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30 things I want to do before 30....

So even if I don't want to admit it,my 30th birthday will be here sooner than I would like to admit.
While I have been some amazing things,been some dope places ,had a few unforgettable (and forgettable) evenings with some wonderful people(hell the ones I no longer speak to are still wonderful in their own right).... I still have a few things that I want/need to do before turning the 'dirty thirty'..... I don't care if 30 is the new 20!

1- Love someone: I want to love someone unconditionally,mutually and unapologetically ..... I want to only be upset at this person because they took so long to find me.

2- Sew a dress: The art of home economics is lost on my generation and the several after it... I want to be able to sew a dress for myself in the event that the world comes to an end and online shopping is not an option.

3- Travel ....Like I said I've been lots of places,seen beautiful things and people but I want to see more....
Dubai ,
Santo Domingo ,
Tokyo ,
Etc etc 

4- Dance like no one is watching : I've had a lot of club nights holding up walls,drinking from bottles,napping in VIP.... If you know me,you know I don't dance,not that I can't..
I just don't.

5- Walk into the airport with my purse,a knot of cash and my passport: one day I'm going to walk into CLE airport with these items,board a plane and figure the rest out when I get to where I'm going .

6- Cook a large holiday meal : Like I said before,domestic skill is such a lost art... I want to keep the traditions of my mom cooking for two days and complaining to the whole family about how hard she worked (when we told her we would help),then passing out after dinner.

7- Road trip!: I hate ridding in the car... Actually anything over 5-7 hours,I prefer to fly and meet you there. But I want to see the country... All the markets,freaky dives and tourist traps on the side of the road..

8- Keep this blog up for longer than a week: Don't judge me,lol

9- Have a garden - I really want to get into this urban farming... I want to own my little plot with strawberries,melons,greens,etc

10- Give birth- one day I want to be a mom ... I want a real unconditional love that only children can give... I would trade  everything for this feeling.

11- Ride in a hot air ballon - I saw this on groupon,how cool is that!!? 

12- Put down this damn iPhone for a day.... Hell,I'll settle for airplane mode because God knows I love to take pics of EVERYTHING 

13- Go to my brothers grave.... In 2006 I lost my brother, Jerome to complications with lupus. I've been to his grave but I typically stay clear of the grave,the street.. The whole area actually ....

14- Do a 5k.... I think it would be great,and a perfect excuse to go shopping! 

15- Marry.... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to put together my dream extravaganza in less than two years but I would totally settle for a dope engagement  

16- Watch the sunrise .... And not because I'm tiptoeing my drunk tail in the house at a ungodly hour 

17- Write a letter to my fathers donor.... A few months ago my father received a kidney,pretty cool,right ? I've been trying to put together the words for the donors family (because the donor is deceased ).... Their loss was truely out blessing

18- Join a mosh pit... I did this when I was 14 or 13 with my godsister,Alyssa at a sum41 concert but I wanna do it again !!!

19- Be an audience guest for a live tv show..... As many times as I've been to nyc I've never seen SNL or Wendy,been to Chicago plenty of times never saw Jerry or Oprah either....

20- Go to Disney Land.... As a child my parents never took us to amusement parks... Honestly Ken thought Disney world (and land ) were both scams respectively. So needless to stay there are no photos of a chubby bright eyed adolescent Cookii with oversized mice in finely tailored clothing

21- Go back to school for a trade..... I successfully completed a degree which is  totally cool on paper but I'd like something to supplement it.... Maybe I could be a mechanic?  Fix air conditioners ? Dental asst?

22- Adopt one of those kids (or animals ) from the infomercials in the middle of the night.... I'd like a kid but I would take the animal too... Kinda one of those 'whichever comes first' kinda deals. 

23- Meet Mindy Kaling,she is sooo funny. Her show and book are pretty relatable to my life... Well you know outside of the whole being a doctor thing.

24- Go to a Vegas show
.... You know Celine Dion or Wayne Newton .... Something with lots of lights stage make up and polyester costumes

25- Attend NY fashion week.
Do I need to say anything more? 

26- Pay off ALL my credit card debt.... Owe NO ONE (this however does not include nelnet )

27- Pick up,move and not tell a soul.... Social media often tells our whereabouts whether we want to or not.... I want to just leave.... And be free 

28- Learn to braid.... I could never cornrolls... God help me if I don't pick up this skill and have a daughter.

29- Go to the Selena musuem .... I have been dying to get to Corpus to see that purple jumpsuit since forever!

30- Learn to play chess and golf.... A woman with these skills can write her own ticket. 

So that's my list... This actually took me longer than I expected because I had to think about my life and not so much where I am currently but where I want to go ....


  1. Omg! You just might be my long lost twin. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the selena museum. Thought I was the only one.

  2. Add poker to chess and golf and watch out world!! Wellp were definitely going to Disney hopefully you'll come too! Great list!!! You're hilarious!!!


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