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New giveway

In celebration of my newest life changes,pending graduation, and birthday coming.. I have decided to do another GIVEAWAY! Im not sure what just yet.....Or how.... But I know I want to pay my happiness forward.... So keep reading you NEVER know what I could possibly be giving away next....

I be up in the gym working on my fitness...

So as I said in earlier post,I'm 'under new management' Yea....The second month into the new year,Im still in gym.....I feel pretty good,and when I don't go,I can feel it.....Word is I look pretty good too! Now of course this has been my newest excuse to shop for new cute work out in!   My sister bought me these from Nordstrom's for my last birthday...I love them,but then again Nike can almost do no wrong with me! ; $35   Its still pretty cold here,so I am working out in regular leggings and plus its an easy transition from work to the gym,these are also thick enough where you can't see my undies! $20    Some of the best headphones money can purse.....I block out the person on the machine gasping for air or grunting quite nicely with these! I love them ; $300    One of my very best friends bought me one of these for Christmas and it is AMAZING! I wear a 44 DD bra so its hard