You know how we all have those New Years resolutions that we never keep up??

......I guess this year is slightly different for me? Instead of making the resolution that Im going to stop opening credit cards, do better in school,stop eating candy,etc....

I have decieded that I am going to be honest,
Not saying that I am some kinda of liar.
But I want to be just as real as I am with everyone else.....with myself.

The first step started with my previous blog,
I am adding structure to my life,and if you know me.....well you know I need it.

I do what I want, I always have.....

Now I am discovering just what kind of woman I am.
Which is tricky,
I don't like to talk about things,I hate conflict,I'd rather sweep things under the rug,
I'd honestly rather laugh everything.
I always 'save face' in every situation,I feel like I have to be a lady, I don't beer or wear sweats outside my home.

This, like most things in life a process..


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