Things I learned in 2012....

Things I learning in 2012......

1- I been using the word 'sister' too loosely

2- catfish is hilarious 
3- I control my happiness ,destiny,etc
4- costing,photoshop and assortment sheets are NO joke
5- the Kentucky fried chicken in Kentucky taste the same as it does in Cleveland 
6-love,loyalty and piece of mind are free
7- give people their life,especially if it cost you nothing.
8- lupus still sucks
9-zombies are real
10- I'd rather have folks stab me in the front,then in my back.
11- Lemisol is amazing.
12- Lace xclusive hair is dope.
13- 'The woman who grinds shall inherit the earth'
14- Money doesn't buy happiness,but it sure will buy you the meds to rid your depression 
15- 'Don't cry,buy some shoes and get over it'
16- Plies radio is the best radio on pandora.
17- Trinidad James is NOT Fabolous in costume....



  1. 18. Cancelling on someone is rude Ms cis4cookii