Random rant...

So recently I have had discussions with my inner circle about titles in relationships (or lack of).....I think my friends think Im nuts....And maybe I am?

At what point in life don't you need one? 
Is the word 'girlfriend' some kind of security blanket?
Is it possible for two people to coexist with each other,without the words 'partner', 'girlfriend', 'husband' being thrown into the mix?
Honestly,at this point in my life,having spent twenty plus years on earth, I feel as though I don't need it. When you know its real,you kinda just don't need it. 

Ladies,if you find someone who comes home to you every night,is attentive,loves you,spends on you.....Then what exactly do you need a title for?

Or better yet,why does someone always have to start acting like a super zombie freak once they get a title??? What clicks in peoples heads to think its okay to start acting so spacey?Why does one need to change their Facebook status to let the world in? Where does the need for the proclamation for the rest of the world come from?

Im not saying that I want to spend the rest of my life alone,because I don't nor am I knocking those who choose to . But self discovery is something........After so many failed relationships and interactions,giving into titles only for the other party to start acting crazy, unappreciative,or just a straight zombie, has been a bit much and I have gotten too old for this.....The older I get the longer it takes for me to bounce back from the trash. So for now, Im single for a lack of better terms....well a lack of any terms, and Im content with it. I also know that the key to preserving a 'relationship' is not putting so much thought on outside thoughts, social networking,and just over thinking in general.

I am in a happy place,I am at peace with those who have hurt me in the past.


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