Five Instagramers to watch in 2013....pt1

Instagram has been one of my favorite social networks since....uhhh..EVER!

The combination of interest,fashion, photography is just really super dope to me....So me being the sweet person I am.....I am going to share (in no particular order) my 5 favorite IG users to make sure you get the most out of your Instagram experience...


1.  Wife,Stylist,Cleveland native...Tehran Iman shares her daily life as a young Muslim ,up and
coming fashion mogul. You can always find her fashionable takes on conservative dress or sneak peaks at her custom pieces.
Check out her IG HERE or her retail website HERE

 2. Atlanta photographer, Lexi is a combination of sheer beauty and raw talent. Her IG features the world seen through the young artist's eyes....And it helps that Miss Thing is pretty easy on the eyes.....Don't miss a chance to see (or buy) her work HERE

3. Accessory assassin, Bunny shares her creative creations from phone cases to bracelets to earrings. This hustle bunny, has a keen eye for style and takes great pride in her work. To check out her retail site,click HERE or for her IG click HERE

4- East Coast Wild Girl and Full Time Face Beater,CeeJay is taking the make up world by storm,one face at  time. Her IG is a perfect representation of the Chicago resident with her daily fashion looks, and recreation of make up worn by your favorite celebs! So don't sit there,follow her now HERE 

5-If you are a resident of Cleveland and have not visited the Nail Bar and Spa, I soo don't know what you are waiting on. Their IG gives out the daily specials,skin care tips,upcoming events,etc. To check out their spa menu click HERE or their IG HERE


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