A few things I learned from the 2012 election.....

The 2012 election was a big eye opener for me ......Possibly more than the 2008 one...

Maybe not so much that a man of color is now residing in the White House,but more so that so many people of different walks of life could believe in someone (in a non-religious way),and come together for change and hope......Young people are becoming more socially aware and interested in our futures....

Its amazing.......But on the flip side of that I have learned alot about my peers,and just people in general. I have had a pretty amazing upbringing, I come from two pretty liberal parents(considering their ages and backgrounds),middle class mixed community in Cleveland,Ohio....I have had friends from all over the world, as a kid my father would joke and say when my brothers and I would gather with our friends it looked like the Untied Nations. I've been friends with the Jewish, Gay,Lesbian,Trans,Muslims, Bi-racial,etc.....I have respected them all the same.

Took me to my mid twenties to realize, not everyone was lucky as I was.

Seems as if I recently lost someone, I considered a pretty good friend due to her political( and religious views). Our backgrounds are completely different, but have shared a common ground of a love for art,good laughs and few bites to eat.....She recently  voiced her disinterest in the reelection of our President, and I was actually shocked. Despite her geographic location, I made the mistake of thinking MY friend was more progressive in her thoughts......I mean she was MY friend, she listens to hip-hop,watches BET,etc.....

The sheer thought that people use to the day to day struggles of the people in the inner city as nothing more than entertainment but honestly would do nothing to change it if given the chance was so absurd to me....But I guess I still see the good in people?

Before I go any further,I don't think she is racist....Matter of fact,I know she isn't....That isn't her character.

However,I felt like I didn't know her after she started speaking of how her Christian beliefs , concerns with foreign policy and the economy  just would not let her vote for President Obama........Which I totally respect.

So I gave her the real....well in a nice way,
'I'm glad that you have such strong moral convictions but Obama is a political office,he isn't your minister, he is there to do a job......but...I hope your moral convictions would have lead you to adopt the unwanted babies that would have been born to unfit/raped/beaten mothers...or help the women who receive their healthcare(like cancer screenings) from planned parenthood because they cant afford it else where....Or would have helped pay the tuition for a student who is not as fortunate as yourself and needs finical aid to finish their education......When choosing your leader you have to think of the bigger picture.... I honestly think as a card carrying member of the 47% we really dodged a bullet....'

.....She didn't get it.

I saw her later on that day, she barely spoke or looked my way.....I play super hard,but deep down it hurt.....I mean,how I feel about her didn't change...I thought she was still my friend

I felt like a kid who found out there was no Santa.

I later called my dad and told him about the whole situation, and he said 'Squirrel, did you learn anything?'...I said 'Yea, never discuss politics with people you like'....

We laughed,but its true..........


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