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What to get him for Christmas?

Okay, so you followed my dating tips,bought one of my suggest dresses,and bought the Lace Xclusive hair....And managed someone who seems like they maybe 'the one'? Now Christmas is coming and you don't know what your first major gift should be? Don't worry .... Cookii is here to save you!  Here are eight great gifts for every price point.......  1. This T-shirt from Adapt Clothing was on the top of my list.  Damn Gina; $28 To check out the other amazing tees for men and from Adapt Clothing  Click here 2. Dope Dreams 216 will always be a good look for any man who is a sneaker collector. Gold Pack T; $25 To get your guy his own click  HERE   3- Beats by Dre Studios are one of the greatest gifts for your music lover.They are slightly pricey,Im not going to lie but the sound quality on these is simply AMAZING. Studios in Denim Blue; $300 To grab your pair click  HERE     4-Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme is just se

Black Friday 1

I don't really shop on Black Friday,BUT these are a few sales that kind of caught my eye that might catch yours too......Ill be posting the good ones as they come in to me Happy Shopping!    Target DOORBUSTER ,beats by dre SOLO - $179  To find the nearest Target location, click  HERE Buy one,Get one FREE on Virgin Indian Hair 12-30 inches  Click  HERE  to get yours Get 40% off your New Years and Holiday dresses! Click  HERE     Don't miss out,click  HERE

Five Instagramers to watch in 2013....pt1

Instagram has been one of my favorite social networks since....uhhh..EVER! The combination of interest,fashion, photography is just really super dope to me....So me being the sweet person I am.....I am going to share (in no particular order) my 5 favorite IG users to make sure you get the most out of your Instagram experience...   1.  Wife,Stylist,Cleveland native...Tehran Iman shares her daily life as a young Muslim ,up and coming fashion mogul. You can always find her fashionable takes on conservative dress or sneak peaks at her custom pieces. Check out her IG HERE  or her retail website  HERE  2. Atlanta photographer, Lexi is a combination of sheer beauty and raw talent. Her IG features the world seen through the young artist's eyes....And it helps that Miss Thing is pretty easy on the eyes.....Don't miss a chance to see (or buy) her work  HERE 3. Accessory assassin, Bunny shares her creative creations from phone cases to bracelets to earrings. This hustle

A few things I learned from the 2012 election.....

The 2012 election was a big eye opener for me ......Possibly more than the 2008 one... Maybe not so much that a man of color is now residing in the White House,but more so that so many people of different walks of life could believe in someone (in a non-religious way),and come together for change and hope......Young people are becoming more socially aware and interested in our futures.... Its amazing.......But on the flip side of that I have learned alot about my peers,and just people in general. I have had a pretty amazing upbringing, I come from two pretty liberal parents(considering their ages and backgrounds),middle class mixed community in Cleveland,Ohio....I have had friends from all over the world, as a kid my father would joke and say when my brothers and I would gather with our friends it looked like the Untied Nations. I've been friends with the Jewish, Gay,Lesbian,Trans,Muslims, Bi-racial,etc.....I have respected them all the same. Took me to my mid twenties to re
Do I need to say anything else?

Vote and Save!

So with the election finally winding down what better way to celebrate you doing your civic duty than a stimulating the economy? Check out these freebies/savings before the day is up! Romano's Macaroni Grill: $10 off $20 Online Takeout with eCoupon RMGTOGO 5. Olive Garden: Come in with an 'I Voted' Sticker on Election Day and receive a free Dolcini dessert with any entree. Starbucks: Free Indivisible wristbands on Election Day. Tim Hortons: Free donut when you purchase any beverage and show your 'I Voted' sticker at participating U.S. restaurants on Election Day. White Castle: Pick your favorite Fry on White Castle's Facebook Page and get a coupon for a free small order of your choice. Zipcar: Zip to the Polls with a 50 percent discount on rates nationwide. The discount is available on Election Day, November 6, from 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Boston Market: Left Wing or Right Wing? Vote in the 2012 Bowl Poll and receive an exclusive 'Bipartisan' BOGO


So as I said a few weeks ago, Lace Xclusive and I are giving away a beautiful lace hair closure! Well here it is!!!! Isn't it beautiful? Here is the catch,( You knew there was a catch) Answer these five questions correctly by November 27,2012 and you will be entered in a raffle drawing.... 1- Name the hair product used in the movie 'Coming to America' 2- Name the type of braids Janet Jackson wore in the movie 'Poetic Justice' 3- Name the official pageant title I held in 2010 4-Name 2 products Lace Xclusive recommends that you use on their products 5- Name all the countries Lace Xclusive gets their products from. Rules 1-ALL answers to with the XCLUSIVE BARBIE in the subject line  2- All entries must be recieved by 11:59pm eastern standard time November 27,2012 to counted 3- No purchase necessary  4- Please include a name, phone number and email address to be contacted Good Luck!!!!!

Hurricane Sandy....

Last week Hurricane Sandy devastated so many homes and lives on the east coast, I recently found out that  a dear friend of mine and her two children were effected as well. Female Emcee, Persia (you may know her from 'VH1's The White Rapper show' ) lost her home and everything she owned. While Persia and her children are just fine, the damage done to their lives so close to holidays is horrible.... Donations can be paypaled to her ; Thank you in advance!