Fluffy Girl Fashion Alert: 10 Dresses under $100

I am constantly on the go,every other week Im out,out of town, attending functions,etc...I always need new dresses(okay maybe not 'need' per say and it might just be an addiction)! But  this has sooo taken a toll on my little coin purse, so I have to be some what economic with my looks. Finding an AMAZING dress that will fit your fluffy is often trying,but hopefully I have taken some of the stress out of it with my list of...

10 Dresses Under $100
10 Great dresses that will leave you with enough change to get a drink at the bar!

1. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress In Giraffe Print; $51.74
Grab your own HERE

2-Leopard And Black Lace Bow Back Dress: 68.50
For Torrid's web site,click HERE

3-Slashed Top Dress;39.95
Check out Hips and Curves HERE

4- Metallic Crossback Dress; $24.80
To purchase it,click HERE

5- 10 Way Shirred Dress ;$59.50
Get yours HERE 

 6- Rosebud Velvet Dress $38
Check it out HERE

Get yours HERE

8- Sweet Chained Dress; $98
Check out City Chic HERE

9- Mesh Bandage Dress; $74  $46.99
Currently marked down HERE

10- Shirt dress with woven belt; $69.95 
Sold in Lane Bryant stores or HERE


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