Two pieces for plus size women.....Can it be done?

So a new trend this summer for the woman with curves is the TWO PIECE!
It is extremely important to have confidence,the number to a GREAT wax lady, and know your body type for this trend.....

One of my favorite retailers for these suites is Monif C.

Next of course would be h&m (yes, you read it correctly H&M)
Price point unknown at this time,and no online ordering is available 

Lastly my home away from home, TORRID!
Torrid hasn't always released the best swimwear BUT this year they have been on to something! Their two pieces are sold as separates so you can mix and match to your body type but this is my favorite that my customers have tried on..
$38.50 Torrid stores

$36.50 Torrid stores

So ladies, don't believe the hype YOU CAN BE SEXY THIS SUMMER!
Shed that over sized family reunion t shirt at the pool/on the beach and show some skin!


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  1. These are super cute finds. It's taken me so long to feel comfy enough to wear a two piece but this summer is my time.