Fluffy girl fashion find: #goldLife

As you all know I am from Cleveland, one of the most talented places on earth(no,seriously). The home of Halle Berry, Drew Carrey, Kim Coles,Bone Thugs n Harmony, Kid Cuddi, Ray Jr, Machine Gun Kelly to mention a few.....Well we can now add up and coming designer, Beair Carter to Cleveland's talent roaster!

Photo credit; D. Smith

Carter, 24 creates what looks like 'urban couture'. Her use of basic materials with her own person spin has proven to a good look for her.In a little less than a year she has made quite the name for her self with her custom made blazers,shorts, vest and jackets. She is currently working on her ladies line #goldDigger. Her unique designs are brought to life by Carter in her Cleveland,Ohio home.

For more information on Beair Carter or Gold Life please contact her at 
Instagram CocaineCarter
Twitter @ iamBEAIRCARTER


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