A fluffy girl's guide to RECESSION FRIENDLY dating.....

So once again after a conversation about dating with a few friends.....
You don't want to invest a whole lot of money in a woman you may not ever want to see again in life....That is TOTALLY fine, but no one wants to be labeled  'The Horrible Date'.

So here is a list,of RECESSION FRIENDLY places to take a date that can not only engage conversation but stay under $60.

  • The aquarium; $20 per person- Why not go find Nemo?
  • The botanical gardens: $10 per person- Just hope she doesn't have severe allergies to flowers,pollen, grass...or bee stings...
  • A ride on the oppsoite side of town,I know its summer and gas is NOT cheap,but take her to a place she has never been before,which could be as simple as the other side of town....In Cleveland ,the west side of Cleveland is like a different city( I mean technically it is but you get my point),Lakewood is filled with fun shops, galleries,and cute little restaurants....Kind of makes you feel like you aren't in Cleveland anymore
  • The planetarium  ; $14- Show her the stars,moon,planets,etc.....Its kinda cute,in a dorky romantic way
  • The drive in theater....... Okay so I totally know that in my previous blog I said movies were a bad idea BUT, drive ins are different...Slightly more intimate,kinda like watching a movie at home...but in a car with about 50 other cars around,and over priced popcorn....Okay maybe its not like being at home,but its still pretty cute!
....So take my tips,enjoy your dates....and hopefully save some money for the second one!


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