A fluffy brown girls guide to ...DATING

So after a few interesting conversations,I realized that the art of 'dating' has been lost in people in my age range....You know the 80's babies/90's kids....
So me being the loving blogger I am,I complied a list of dating tips for my lovely readers....

1- The first date is very much like a job interview, one screw up and you will NOT get a call back!
2- Put your phone away, honestly if you are going to text a third party the whole time...GO BE WITH THEM
3-You can't get to know your date at a MOVIE! Sitting in a overpriced dark room with a sticky floor that you can't speak in does not scream ROMANCE
4- Be creative; try art galleries, museums, festivals, fairs..Anyone can just take someone to a movie and dinner...Its not only recession friend but it shows where your date's head is intellectually ...
5- If you take a woman to Applebees for a first date,and you are over the age of 25......Its pretty safe to say her homegirls may laugh at you
6- LADIES! Yes,I am talking to YOU! PLEASE have enough money for your own dinner and a cab home if need be,you never know! 
7- Taking your date on a 'recession friendly' date is FINE! Taking her to a cheap restaurant (ihop,burger king....something that has a coupon in the ValuSaver) is NOT
8- Recently with the newly opened casino in Cleveland, the discussion about taking a date to the Casino has been brought up a lot,there a few tactful ways to approach this....

  • If asking a woman to go to the casino as a date,especially early in the courting, you should count on providing the gambling money,or at least offer
  • Now if she hits the mega million off your money, she is expected to share....However if she does not,not only can you not be mad...BUT you shouldn't have ever dated the  selfish hussie in the first place! 
9- Be on time! Anything more than 7 minutes late and 10 with a call is considered extremely rude and a disrespect of my time in my book.......A chic like me will LEAVE AND NOT SAY A WORD!

Once you take heed to my tips, you will thank me,TRUST ME


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