Color Blocking 101 for MEN

So yea, I went on a slight hiatus... I totally apologize!.... But  after a few chats with some of my guy friends about their spring/summer shopping choices,and realizing that NONE of them knew what 'Color Blocking' was....I figured there maybe a few more helpless guys out there in need of HELP!

So gentlemen this is for YOU...

What is color blocking?
Color Blocking is a daring trend that combines different colors that support and compliment each other.

What colors compliment?
Depends on how bold YOU are.....But safe bets are two colors at a time i.e. pink/black, red/green, blue/yellow, etc.....But if you are bolder kinda guy, step out and try three colors, brown/yellow/cream, yellow/green/brown,etc.

What are your thoughts on color blocking?
I actually LOVE it!!!! But PLEASE don't let it get out of hand!

What are your favorite pieces in color blocking?
I like the blazers, and bold dress pants....I feel like these can make a break an outfit if done right(or wrong)

What kind of shoes and accessories  should I wear?
NO SNEAKERS PLEASE!!!!! A pair of toms,colorful dress shoe,or a casual shoe will do......A hot frame will go nicely or if you are really feeling it,a nice bag or colorful belt!
Okay guys,I hope this started you guys off right for your spring and summer shopping.....
Good Luck!


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