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After a few of my dating blogs,I actually got some topic request.....
ME! Of all people!?!?!
This one was requested by a new reader(yea,a new reader...yall really read this thing!)

Early signs in dating that it WON'T work....

  1. You been on two dates with her and she is clingy.....Two dates don't mean a relationship,hell they don't mean that you will share a speedway slushy with the girl!
  2. She questions you about SOCIAL NETWORKING....So you went on a few dates with her and she questions you about your social networking friends,followers,etc..Honestly unless you met here through social networking,don't add her to any of yours until you are sure you want to deal with her
  3. Her 'Is' turn into 'WEs' so soon,nothing is scarier than being on a second date or just spending time and she gets on the phone and says 'Yes,we will be there'(especially without asking)
  4. She won't make ANY time for you......People tend to make time for what they want,even if its just an hour or two....
  5. You argue....If its been less than five dates and you guys have had a major battle...RUN,what could you possibly have to argue about so early?
  6. You guys don't date,you guys just sleep together.......Whatever two (or more)consensual adults do is their business BUT if you two don't do anything but have sex on the late night,you aren't his date sweetheart.......If he hasn't taken you to see a movie, miniature golf,to Applebees....Hell if he has taken the dog on more walks in the park than you....YOU AREN'T DATING,and this probably wont go any further than where it is.
  7. If you two can't keep each others attention,if you two find more interest in texting/tweeting/facebooking while you are together,then save yourself the time,trouble and gas
So this is a short list....And it may not be true in EVERY situation,it seems like it is in most.....
Good luck!


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