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Fluffy girl fashion find: #goldLife

As you all know I am from Cleveland, one of the most talented places on earth(no,seriously). The home of Halle Berry, Drew Carrey, Kim Coles,Bone Thugs n Harmony, Kid Cuddi, Ray Jr, Machine Gun Kelly to mention a few.....Well we can now add up and coming designer, Beair Carter to Cleveland's talent roaster! Photo credit; D. Smith Carter, 24 creates what looks like 'urban couture'. Her use of basic materials with her own person spin has proven to a good look for her.In a little less than a year she has made quite the name for her self with her custom made blazers,shorts, vest and jackets. She is currently working on her ladies line #goldDigger. Her unique designs are brought to life by Carter in her Cleveland,Ohio home. For more information on Beair Carter or Gold Life please contact her at  GLIFEAPPAREL@GMAIL.COM Instagram  CocaineCarter Twitter @ iamBEAIRCARTER

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday,Pri. <3 <3 <3 Kid Sister ' Its been too long and Im lost without you... .'

...By request

After a few of my dating blogs,I actually got some topic request..... ME! Of all people!?!?! This one was requested by a new reader(yea,a new reader...yall really read this thing!) Early signs in dating that it WON'T work.... You been on two dates with her and she is clingy.....Two dates don't mean a relationship,hell they don't mean that you will share a speedway slushy with the girl! She questions you about SOCIAL NETWORKING....So you went on a few dates with her and she questions you about your social networking friends,followers,etc..Honestly unless you met here through social networking,don't add her to any of yours until you are sure you want to deal with her Her 'Is' turn into 'WEs' so soon,nothing is scarier than being on a second date or just spending time and she gets on the phone and says 'Yes,we will be there'(especially without asking) She won't make ANY time for you......People tend to make time for what they want,eve
I have had this song on repeat for a few days now,and I figured I would share it with you all... 'So, I won't let you close enough to hurt me No, I won't rescue you to just desert me I can't give you the heart you think you gave me It's time to say goodbye to turning tables To turning tables' -Adele

All things YUMMI

 Just a pair of earrings I made last month.....

A fluffy girl's guide to RECESSION FRIENDLY dating.....

So once again after a conversation about dating with a few friends..... I GET IT! You don't want to invest a whole lot of money in a woman you may not ever want to see again in life....That is TOTALLY fine, but no one wants to be labeled  'The Horrible Date'. So here is a list,of RECESSION FRIENDLY places to take a date that can not only engage conversation but stay under $60. The aquarium; $20 per person- Why not go find Nemo? The botanical gardens: $10 per person- Just hope she doesn't have severe allergies to flowers,pollen, grass...or bee stings... A ride on the oppsoite side of town,I know its summer and gas is NOT cheap,but take her to a place she has never been before,which could be as simple as the other side of town....In Cleveland ,the west side of Cleveland is like a different city( I mean technically it is but you get my point),Lakewood is filled with fun shops, galleries,and cute little restaurants....Kind of makes you feel like you aren't in

Fluffy girl fashion find....

So I was on etsy a few weeks ago, and stumbled upon an AMAZING designer, JIBRI's pants! Oh em geeeee....I couldn't stop thinking about her pants and other designs for weeks.....Her designs are slightly pricey(for a fluffy fashion student trapped in the midwest) BUT exactly what any fashion forward fluffy girl wants...wait NEEDS! This internationally educated southern belle prides herself on providing her clients with pieces that provide individuality and amazing fits. JIBRI has recently been named Full Figure Fashion Week's PLUS SIZE DESIGNER OF THE YEAR, and I can totally see why.... For more information on JIBRI,please check out here site  here.   To purchase JIBRIONLINE on etsy,check it out  here
Dear Candice Huffine- I live.I die.I live again... You are everything, Cookii

A fluffy brown girls guide to ...DATING

So after a few interesting conversations,I realized that the art of 'dating' has been lost in people in my age range....You know the 80's babies/90's kids.... So me being the loving blogger I am,I complied a list of dating tips for my lovely readers.... 1- The first date is very much like a job interview, one screw up and you will NOT get a call back! 2- Put your phone away, honestly if you are going to text a third party the whole time...GO BE WITH THEM 3-You   can't get to know your date at a MOVIE! Sitting in a overpriced dark room with a sticky floor that you can't speak in does not scream ROMANCE 4- Be creative; try art galleries, museums, festivals, fairs..Anyone can just take someone to a movie and dinner...Its not only recession friend but it shows where your date's head is intellectually ... 5- If you take a woman to Applebees for a first date,and you are over the age of 25......Its pretty safe to say her homegirls may laugh at you 6- LADIES

In loving memory....

In loving memory of Danielle N. Washington 1987-2012 #cancerSucks

Casting call...

So this just came cross my desk and its certainly worth a repost.... Casting Call Information City: New York Area State: CT, NJ, NY, PA ABC DAYTIME TALK SHOW SEEKING TRI-STATE AREA WOMEN WITH PLUS SIZE QUESTIONS FOR TIM GUNN Are you plus size and do you have a burning style or fashion question for Tim Gunn? Would you love to have Tim's help matching accessories, bags, and shoes to complete your look? Or are you worried that you're not picking the right clothes for your body type? Do you have an upcoming special occasion, big event or important meeting and have trouble shopping for your size? Perhaps you'd like a style change and don't know where to start or want help in dressing in the latest trends. If this sounds like you, The Revolution wants to hear from you! Our host and style guru, Tim Gunn, is ready to answer all of your plus size fashion questions! Include a brief description, your contact information and a photo of yourself. Source:  http://ww

Two pieces for plus size women.....Can it be done?

So a new trend this summer for the woman with curves is the TWO PIECE! Ladies, PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! It is extremely important to have confidence,the number to a GREAT wax lady, and know your body type for this trend..... One of my favorite retailers for these suites is Monif C. $148  $148 Next of course would be h&m (yes, you read it correctly H&M)   Price point unknown at this time,and no online ordering is available  Lastly my home away from home, TORRID! Torrid hasn't always released the best swimwear BUT this year they have been on to something! Their two pieces are sold as separates so you can mix and match to your body type but this is my favorite that my customers have tried on.. $38.50 Torrid stores $36.50 Torrid stores So ladies, don't believe the hype YOU CAN BE SEXY THIS SUMMER! Shed that over sized family reunion t shirt at the pool/on the beach and show some skin!

Color Blocking 101 for MEN

So yea, I went on a slight hiatus... I totally apologize!.... But  after a few chats with some of my guy friends about their spring/summer shopping choices,and realizing that NONE of them knew what 'Color Blocking' was....I figured there maybe a few more helpless guys out there in need of HELP! So gentlemen this is for YOU... What is color blocking? Color Blocking is a daring trend that combines different colors that support and compliment each other. What colors compliment? Depends on how bold YOU are.....But safe bets are two colors at a time i.e. pink/black, red/green, blue/yellow, etc.....But if you are bolder kinda guy, step out and try three colors, brown/yellow/cream, yellow/green/brown,etc. What are your thoughts on color blocking? I actually LOVE it!!!! But PLEASE don't let it get out of hand! What are your favorite pieces in color blocking? I like the blazers, and bold dress pants....I feel like these can make a break an outfit if done right(