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A fluffy brown girl's guide to a creative and recession friendly Valentine's day.................

Valentine's day is coming,but we just had a MAJOR holiday season(that some of us are STILL paying off).Before the 20 balloon assortments,Godiva chocolates,trips to Tiffany's and 17 dozen roses, you had NKOTB Valentines day cards,cherry heart suckers and  a decorated paper bag to put them in....Be honest, weren't those some of the best Valentines days anyway?

So in no particualr order,I present to you....


10- A heartfelt homemade YouTube clip,nothing says I LOVE YOU more than a super cute clip of you serenading your love with your favorite song,playing an instrument, monologue from a movie or even just a plain :35 declaration of your love.....Make sure you add it to fb and twitter!

9- A long distance relationship survival kit,this is a fun cute way to send your love,YOUR LOVE from miles away....Some great things to include in this box:

  • A scrapbook filled with cute pics,love letters and card
  • A stuffed animal filled with your scent
  • A T-shirt or blanket with your scent 
  • A mix cd of songs that make you think of each other 
  • A post card from your city 
8-A home cooked meal! Sometimes a good bootleg movie and a meal at home beats packed clubs with overpriced drinks! (I do not support ripping off the multi-billion dollar film industry,but you are prob going to do it anyways....Right?)

7- Build-a-bear, for $10-12 you can have an new addition to your family complete with a birth certificate and both of your names!( Use 20save to save 20% off $30)

6- A flower pot,soil, and seeds......Every year,I keep flowers I have received on valentines day(that I do a horrible job taking care of) until the are on their last brown stem,honestly I could have grown the botanical garden by now....So why not give a gift that last,even if the relationship doesn't?LOL

5- With the coupon craze being really big right now,compiling an envelope of your boo thang's favorite store coupons with gift cards to match the savings is not only thoughtful but RECESSION friendly!

4- The conversation hearts are soo 4th grade, try personalized m&ms to get your point across! They come in assorted colors, you can add text and even pictures.....If you act soon they can be here before the 14th and you can save 10%!!!(They did NOT pay me for this plug)

3-A special packed lunch with all their favorite goodies,and a love not.

2- A Valentine's day scavenger hunt! Have your sweetie go all over the house(I would say city,but you know gas isnt cheap) to find little trinkets or dollar tree items,and at the end they they get the best gift of all....YOU

1- Break out the glue,glitter,construction paper,etc and take it old school for a REAL authentic homemade Valentine's day card...Can Hallmark really beat that?


  1. So what should I do if I ain't got no boo????


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