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Confessions of a fluffy girl on the runway........

October 2010
In Honor of New York Fashion week,I thought I would dig up an old video of Fluffy Girl Goddess, VELVET D'AMOUR in Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris runway show in 2006. I have always adored Velvet because she is NOT an industry standard 'Plus Size Model'. Velvet ripped Gaultier's runway at 5'8 and 300lbs......When the average plus size model is a size 12 and at that time had never modeled couture. Velvet D'Amour, We salute you.

Fluffy girls LOVE giveaways!

So our good friends at are giving away a FREE 'Soul & Curves' t-shirt to a lucky confident curvy girl For more information check out HSAC Official site or HSAC Official twitter


After reading my 'Fluffy Girl Jeer' someone brought the author of this garbage defending himself to my attention.... To view the video click Here Prior to watching the video,I thought Mr.Kramer was going to be a muscle bound health nut.....well.


Attention ALL FLUFFY FASHIONISTAS..... PLEASE REPORT TO SAKS 5TH AVE NYC! According to the Huffington Post, Saks will be carrying plus size versions of famous designers like YSL,Chanel,Dolce and Gabbanna....MCQUEEN and several others.... Sounds super great right? Well here is the catch.... Items will ONLY be sold IN STORES and....There may only be ONE in each size.... ....Needless to say,I think I know where my student refund check may go! For more information,click  HERE