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Brianna Williams; Miss Plus America 2011

Brianna Williams
Miss Fort Worth Plus America 2010*Miss Tarrant County Plus America 2011*Miss Texas Plus America 2011*Miss Plus America 2011

I recently had a chance to get a few questions in with the newly crowned national Queen about life,fashion,platforms,etc.

 How was the road to pageant different this year vs last year?
This year I planned my journey accordingly! I prepared myself by learning about my body. I spent more time dancing in front of the mirror than walking. I wanted to watch the way my body moved and flowed. I am comfortable when I’m dancing. I took what I learned about my body through dance and put that knowledge into the walk. The most important thing I changed was my outlook on the competition. I solely focused on what I wanted to do with my title. I did not view the prize list before the pageant. Whenever I would catch myself looking at my fellow delegates I would log off of the internet. I did not want to focus my attention on what “they” might do. I turned all my attention on what I needed to do to present the judges with the genuine Brianna.
Name your 3favorite plus size retailers
Torrid, Monif C and Dots

Who made your pageant dress this year?
I bought my dress for the state pageant from David’s Bridal. I took it to a seamstress and added pearls around the bust. I found my dress for Nationals from Whatchamacallit. My state director and myself added over 500 AB crystals to the bodice.

What trends are you living for right now?
I don’t really follow trends. I have always loved shopping at the thrift store. I find great accessories, bags, blazers and tops there. I like to mix things up from day to day. One day I will rock a natural ‘fro and then the very next day you can catch me in light- brown curly tresses.
What are the plus size girls in Texas wearing right now?
I see several women wearing 80s inspired clothing.
What is your MPA platform?
Project R.O.S.E –Remembering Our Soldiers Every Day
Project R.O.S.E is dedicated to honoring and assisting our servicemen and servicewomen through volunteer initiatives, advocacy efforts and education.

Who is your favorite plus size icon?
My absolute FAV is Queen Latifah. She has been a queen for the longest time. I remember watching her as a little girl. She wore African inspired headdresses and clothing. She looked regal and she made me proud of my heritage. She carries herself like lady and she makes me proud. Even when she plays tough characters, she does it with class.
When you aren't being MPA what are you doing?
Whoo! I am currently working on my Masters of Science in Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am an aspiring model. I love writing and I am working on my first novel. I also spend a large chunk of my time running throughout the house after my two nephews and niece.
What are your plans post crown?
I plan to continue my volunteer project (Project ROSE) and I would like to establish my non-profit before the end of 2011. I plan to build my portfolio and resume so that I can begin modeling. I am considering entering another pageant.   :  )  I aspire to self-publish my novel at the beginning of 2012 and I plan to graduate in Spring 2012. I have so many plans!!! Too many to name.
Anything we need to know about you and your plans this year?
My goal is to turn my title and crown into a ministry. I am available for appearances at events that promote positive action in the community.  I want to promote MPA in a positive light and I will represent the plus size community well. Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself.


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