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Fluffy Girl Fashion Find.....

Predator Ice by Metropolis ($110) Sold at   Donards 2.0  

Where it all began......

C is 4 cookie....thats good enough for me

Vogue Italia celebrates the curves

  So as I was crusing for plus size articles,I find out that Vogue Italia released a issue celebrating PLUS SIZE MODELS !!??!?! I googled the beautiful images of the curvy women, I appreciated that these women were being something 'fat girls' are not allowed to be..... SEXY..... Im glad the industry has taken notice to curvy womens sex appeal and spending power.Im actually going to try and order a copy, so be looking for a follow up blog with the dish on it...... Last year V magazine did a spread (March 2010) ,it showed women from all ends of the plus size spectrum.....And featured one of the most critised memebers of the plus size community,Gabriel Sibide (Precious) Be sure to order your copy of Vogue Italia, June 2011

Happy Birthday,Mia Amber Davis!

Happy Birthday,Mia Amber Davis July 25,1975-May 10,2011 Model.Actress.Activist.Angel

Fluffy Girl Fashion Find.....

I found out THEE BEST news of the day on Someone has created... Get this... ARE YOU READY!?!??! A PLUS SIZE FLASH SALE SITE! So if you don't know what a flash sale site is.... A flash sale site is ,' a thriving e-commerce trend to promote limited-time sales, started as a way for brands to unload excess inventory in a controlled, high-end place.' This week Clique to Know is featuring Go Silk, BedHead PJs, Cresendo, And Cake, and XCVI. Now if you don't understand my excitement,let me explain to you...Flash Sales very seldom feature plus size clothing,so a site dedicated to fashionable garments at discount prices is EXACTLY what our community needs. So ladies check it out, step outside of the box Lane Bryant/Ashley Stewart/Torrid have created for us and ENJOY!!!! Now I know its SUPER hot ,but if you are fortunate to have a/c or central air in the kitchen,be sure to check out this recipe that I found,I know I plan to...

Guess who is BACK!>!>>!

Okay, So after taking almost a year hiatus from ,and a love affair with, I AM BACK! This go around will be completely different.....Be on the look out for More updates Fluffy Girl Confessions Fluffy Girl Fashion Finds Fluffy Girl Pageant Updates And my FAVORITE Cookii recipe of the day!