Rules for the Fluffy Fashionista....pt1

So the average American woman is a size 12/14.
Problem?I think NOT.
BUT when you insist of not embracing those curves(or that cheeseburger you ate),that is where the problem comes in.

So I give you a few fashion pointers to keep you on the red carpet....and not the sidewalk across the street.
(Please Note;some of you may be offended by this blog,but I say this all out of love)

1-SPANX are our friends
Men and even smaller men wear them now!They can be a little pricey,but surely worth the investment.
Sealing in your natural curves and not looking like a bag of rocks in your dress=PRICELESS

2-Purchase the correct bra for your garment!

Finding strapless bras that support Gods extra blessings can be hard that does NOT mean wearing a regular shirt bra with that cute strapless maxi dress is okay!Cacique strapless bras are from the Gods!The support,lift and are normally buy one get one 50%off!

3-While we are on the subject of undergarments.....
Learn your correct bra size and type.The muffin top thing you have going because you had to have that Victoria Secret bra is not fair to you(because you know you bought it two sizes TOO SMALL)or to us because every time you move your spilling out of your bra,blouse,etc.LEARN your measurements,if you can't the lovely ladies at your local Macy's,Lane Bryant,Nordstroms,etc will be glad to help you.

4-Denim shopping can be a nightmare.
Its time consuming,tiring,expensive,and most often annoying,because chances your size fluctuates depending on brand.As denim is becoming acceptable to wear for more than your Saturday morning errands its important to have the correct fit,color,and look.
Skinny jeans aren't everyone friend!
Find denim/brand that flatters your body,you will feel better.
Since I'm taller(and wasn't blessed with a J.Lo behind),I enjoy Z.Cavarrici and Old Navy jeans.

5.'My shoes are sick and I got the meaniest walk'
Being a larger girl is expensive,you have to spend more on clothes,shapewear,and your shoes are NO exception.Face the fact you get what you pay for,and those $9.97 Rainbow Pumps will NOT be your friend,they are painful,poorly made,and alot of times don't hold the skinny girls up!
Some of my favorite brands for Fluffy Girls with Footwear Fetishes are;
Torrid-Alot of them come in wider sizes,and their boots fit a wider calf.
Iron Fist-They come in wides and regulars.
UGG-They are pretty size friendly.

Many say us,Curvy Chics can't wear leggings,LIES!
But like most items there are rules!
a.Know the difference between liquid leggings,footless tights,or leggings and most importantly when to wear them.Footless tights look best under dresses that atleast hit the knee,liquid leggings are NOT for the workplace(Ive seen these attempted too many times),and leggings are normally the safest.
b-You get what you pay for!
This is true in just about all aspects of plus size fashion,but those $10 leggings from the 'skinny girl stores'will not due.Nothing is worse(or more uncomfortable)than too small leggings and that gross red line you will have at the end of the day for wearing them!

7-12 Coming soon.....

#np Big Girls-Bow Wow f/Young Joc


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