Im so proud,that I had to share.

#shoutouts to MY aunt Ree otherwise known as Ms Plus America 2010
She is a one of kind lady who has helped light my life since before we met,lol.She is the warmest and most loving woman I have ever met.She gives so much of her own positive energy to any and everyone.....Thank you for sharing it with us.

#shoutouts to MY pageant-bff, Eve Bailey...Your new Miss Plus America Elite 2010 I knew this young woman was something special the moment we sat together at pageant bootcamp six months ago.We clicked....Pageantry is such a hard place to make friends,because your competing against the next woman,but it was not the case.I could never think of a more humble,beautiful,articulate,fun woman that should be wearing this crown.

The creator sure did shine his light over Ohio that night....


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  1. I didn't know that E. Renee is your aunt:-)! CONGRATS to the Ohio ladies! Ya'll did your THING at MPA this year!