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My first love

Size and the standard of beauty ;The little girl in the pink jumper

So lately I've been battling with some deamons as far as my appearance.....

As a bigger girl I have learned what can make or break you in terms of beauty.....
Yet I still find it shocking when people find me attractive.I'm very shy,and often it hard to believe that people find me beautiful......I always resort back to moments of my childhood....

Picture this.....
A chubby bubbly lite skin girl with braids and barettes in a pink and white shirt,deniem jumper,white socks,and pink/white nikes(eh I was a 90's kid) comes to her desk and sees a note....
"Dear Ashlei
Will you be my girlfriend?"
The little girl looks over to the most popular boy in class,who happens to be smiling at her from ear to ear.The youg girl sends a note back,"Yes"backwards "s" and all....Later on that day as the children file out of their lines for recess,the girls on one side stepping,playing house,and the boys on the other wresling,playing football,etc.....A yung man approa…

Im so proud,that I had to share.

#shoutouts to MY aunt Ree otherwise known as Ms Plus America 2010 She is a one of kind lady who has helped light my life since before we met,lol.She is the warmest and most loving woman I have ever met.She gives so much of her own positive energy to any and everyone.....Thank you for sharing it with us.

#shoutouts to MY pageant-bff, Eve Bailey...Your new Miss Plus America Elite 2010 I knew this young woman was something special the moment we sat together at pageant bootcamp six months ago.We clicked....Pageantry is such a hard place to make friends,because your competing against the next woman,but it was not the case.I could never think of a more humble,beautiful,articulate,fun woman that should be wearing this crown.

The creator sure did shine his light over Ohio that night....

July;The Waki Wear 20th anniversary show.....

I wish you could see the whole dress!

Me and Chris

Yup,you can WITNESS

All smiles

Lebron may be gone,but Ive come to save the city!

Thank you to Vaughn Glover for having us and congrats on 20years!!! x0x0 Ash Miss Cleveland Ohio Plus America 2010


PLEASE Vote Ashley Randolph for Miss Curve 2011

PLEASE vote for this,an associate of mine wrote an AMAZING grant for this!