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80+days later....

Captain William Allen-Kruse Rest Well.... BP its time to step up and step in.

Offical statement

A real KING would NEVER leave HIS KINGDOM ....Interesting fact,after placing 2nd I was contacted and asked if I would like to represent another state in the MPA national pageant... The judges were impressed with my photos,platform,etc I declined. ....Yes I would have been a STATE title holder,but it wouldnt have been as sweet because Florida is NOT MY HOME... I completely understand his decision,he is one of the greatest players in the game and wants a ring....But is it as sweet in Miami as it would be in Cleveland? No. ...I know what I wont be a #witness of this upcoming season.

June in NYC

So clearly I was supposed to be working,and attending FFFweek events but clearly my trip turned into a pleasure trip filled family,love,friends,food and SNEAKERS!!! I woke up to art in my hotel room! I was full for 2days, #shoutouts to Amy Ruths I cant go anywhere in the world without checking out the sneakers,$20 I had to cop em! #shoutouts to the best tourguide in NYC, Joey Prada aka