Fat is the new Black?

So I just watched the new Safe Auto commerical....
And this ad is completely different...

The young star was a 4foot 9in,350llb black girl.
Is there a probblem with this?
Of course not!
I actually am starting to feel a little bit better about the media,post-Precious....

So the new question is, with young girls like Amber P.Riley,Gabourey and 'Lady ReRun',has fat become Hollywoods new black?

Is Hollywood looking for the next Mercedes or Precious?

Have these young women broken they mold or have they created a new one?

With the creation of a industry that caters to a vast majority of American women,have we become equal to our slender counterparts in the entertainment industry?

Or are we a fad?

#fact 'Lady ReRun' is in fact Fred aka ReRun's daughter.


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