Keep up with this Melody...

This chic is DOPE,she designs custom pieces seen on everyone from Rhianna to Ciara to Keri Hilson.Ehsani has major style,trust me sweeties this aint ya grannys costume jewlery!If you dig the vibrant style of Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino,then Melody Ehsani is deff for you.Her use of color,objects and matierals are uncanny to any other designer out right now. To make sure your pieces are truely unique,Ehsani offers the option to make your necklace,ring or earring one of a kind.

Did I mention she is a double threat?
Her shoes are sick!They are absolute dream for the girl with 'Louboutin dreams with Target money' ....Completely unique and completely recession friendly,with pairs starting at $150

How could you go wrong?


#Nowplaying Pro Nails-Kid sister


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