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This is what happens when my two loves come together <3


One thing Ive always hated as a preteen before summer was swimsuit shopping for summer camp....The thought of the locker room,boys looking at me in my suit,nasty water screwing up my hair,just made me want to..... *gag*,but I digress... Now as an adult,I can shop freely for myself but part of me hates to see women at the pool,beach,etc with tshirts on over their swimsuits,if you have curves,a big butt,large thighs,BE PROUD or don't swim!I mean honestly why put yourself through the stress of purchasing something that is going to make or break your ego for the next 3months if your going to cover it up? A sports bra,tshirt and bball shorts are so much cheaper and alot less stressful. I remember one time i went to the beach,a woman who was shapely as I was yet smaller walked up to me,wearing a tshirt,over her swim suit and told me she admired how bold I was to walk around in just my swimsuit..... I stared at her and said,'why wouldnt i?my body is beautiful,and so is yours....&

Cookii loves the kids

Little known fact I LOVE BABIES.... I LOVE kids clothing... I believe now a days how your kid is dressed is a direct reflection of the parent.Kids are more fashion concious now a days....and why shouldnt they be? So here are some of my fav picks for the pint sized fashionista! Ugg,$50, Gucci,$230 now $114; Nike,$20; Burberry,$70; Juicy Couture,$450; Old Navy,$10.50; La Galleria ,$5; Burberry,$90; this blog is dedicated to my future kids godmothers;Juicy,Gutta,Crimson,and Brick

Love at first sight

$30; 'And when I look In your eyes I know that you were meant to be My solider so baby come on I mean it desperately'