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Winter must haves for [him]

I soo appreciate a well dressed man.

Nothing is a bigger turn off than long ass dingy white tees,pants 3sizes too big,and a hanging 'do rag'..
Yea,I said it!Men have to invest in their clothing,a woman can wear a $44 dollar evening gown and look stunning,but you will know if a man has a $50 suit on.The fit is wrong,the material is cheap,it just looks all bad....

Luckily hip hop stars are starting to double as fashionistas.....Call him crazy but Andre 3000 was wearing cardigans and sweater vest way before Kanye and Wanye!

10-I LOVE guys with nice watches....How could you not?A nice watch shows class and that he is going places....on time!Im a fan of some type of metal band.Leather and plastic just dont do it for me.Dont get me wrong,I do dig a nice g-shock but only for SUPER casual wear,and it has to be worn correctly.
Nixon; $120

9-Im a sucker for a guy who has a shoe game to match mine!Im really into contemporary loafer and driver styles.They arent exactly winter shoes for men in the Midwest or east coast......but they are still sexy!
Gucci;Saks 5th Ave $395

8...And since we are talking about shoes,I have a fetish for sneakers....But not the normal all white forces,Jordans,or LeBrons you see up and down high school hallways.After 21 mans sneakers(if worn for casual wear)should be bold and make a statement...Creative Rec,Nike,Supra are all great places to start.I personally am not a fan of Creative Recs,but they are great for a man who can play with colors and materials(i.e. the patent leather)
Supra; $90

7-I fell in love when I saw this coat,it gave me my life!I have a thing for zippers AND pea coats so it was the best of both worlds for me.Its fun...Need I say anymore?
Volcom;Nordstrom $149

6-Denim is a staple in any closet,and just like women,men need to know how to wear their denim and what cut is for them.Popular styles such as True Religon,Rock Republic,and Mek are all great and super cute.....But not for every ones body shape.R&R has a more euro cut for slim people,Mek and True Religon seem to have a better cut for men who arent 6feet tall and a size 28 ;)
MEK;Nordstrom $135

5-*Designer spotlight* Ben Sherman has to be one of the most affordable slept on contemporary designers out right now.His vision for colors and patterns are amazing....He gives the look of $300 shirt for $80,Check him out!
Ben Sherman;Nordstrom $79

4-Im not a fan of shirts,at all....Well unless its a graphic tee.What better way to get a potential lady friends attention but with a humours/thought provoking graphic tee?Fitted jeans+Graphic tee+Hott sneakers= my dream boat!
KLP; $30

3-The smell of a man can be a deal breaker with me,I mean honestly who wants to date a man who smells like something you shouldnt have stepped in?Umm ew!I like scents that are crisp,light and not to heavy,because it will turn my stomach (i.e.Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette Spray)....Long story short,give the AXE to your little brothers and step your game up.
Armani;Nordstrom $71

2-Since I dig guys with very low hair cuts,hats are so needed in the winter.The trapper hat is super cute,I would even wear it!
Ugg;Nordstrom $95

1-One accessory that every man needs in his drawer is power stays.Dont know what they do?Google them!
Wurkin stiffs;Nordstrom $35


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