Things NOT to do at the thanksgiving dinner table.

1-Come out the closet, they are still tryin to deal with Unkle Ricky being Aunt Renee` from last christmas

2-Be on the phone,your minutes arent free any damn way !

3-Talk about cousin Demonte being in jail,Peaches being pregnant(even if she is only 12),

4-Please PLEASE do not let grandma get drunk and start telling the churches business....that is not tea or juice in her cup!

5-Dont let Uncle Tyrone and Auntie Pebbles fight at the table about who took the wrong turn to get to dinner....No one wants to hear that shit,we heard it all last year.......and the year before that.....

6-FART,please dont do that shit,it is quite nasty and unpleasant to us all...

7-Dont let Big mama pull her teeth out at the table,that shit is mad disturbing and blows us all

8-Unbutton your pants and belt at the table,no one wants to see that gut,the stretch marks,and the scar from your c-section!

9-Talk about Aunt Helens nasty cornbread stuffing....that no one eats...We know its nasty and it taste like she saved it from last year but still....she is marriage atleast.....

10-Dont bring your own foil.....KD....

11-Get high after eating turkey.....if you have to get up and go to work.....its all bad

12-Let Cousin KooKoo do the blessing over the food,even if she did finally get saved,shit she talk too long and the food is getting cold

Enjoy your holidays......



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