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Fat chics RULE

In a world where plus size models are size 10s and 12s,Ms Velvet D'Amor is such a breath of fresh air....

She has broken size barriers in the modeling industry showing that FAT IS(and not 'can be') BEAUTIFUL by appearing in runway shows for Galliano and Gaultier.She has been condemed for her size with critics saying that she is the role model for a 'unhealthy lifestyler',when she is quite the contrary.

The fashion industry shuns women over a size 2,and for plus size over 12,Velvet is a 5'8,265llbs and size 28...She embraces every pound of it!Everything about this woman is amazing,and even in her early 40s she is still slaying the modeling world.Velvet is internationally known,paving the way for Toccara and other more realistic size women.

Who says fat chics cant be super models?

When asked 'Do you think you are encouraging other to adopt a fat lifestyle?'
'I find the notion utterly laughable. Having read one forum which stated, by Jean Paul (Gauthier) using me on the runway, we were ‘promoting’ obesity, I was left incredulous. Honestly, do you think the next day 8 year olds were powering down pizzas in vain attempts at emulating me?!'-Velvet d’Amour


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