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Cookii's winter MUST HAVES for fluffy girls!

So Im from Cleveland......Big deal right?
After almost 23 horrible winters,its become one of my favorite season just because of the fun things I can do with fashion!Layers,hats,scarves,mittens,etc....

So will great pride I bring you 'Cookiis winter MUST HAVES for fluffy girls'a complete list of all the things that will get you through the next four months.....

10-Okay so they are SUPER regular but UGG has a strong following and made themselves the basis of any good winter outfit(provided you do not live in a city that has more than an inch of snow)....
Ugg;Nordstrom $180

9- An awsome pair of mittens is always a great way to keep warm AND cute!I prefer the ones that fold back so I can use my keys...or hold a frappachino!
Juicy Couture; Saks 5th Ave $65

8-Call me super boring but I LOVE a black pea coat,I think its classic and perfect way to have fun with hats and mittens!
Torrid; $128
*I personally upgraded from the OLD NAVY Wool pea coat to a GUESS pea coat this year,the photo was not online,but it retails for $168 at Nordstrom*

7-Yea,I know its a little pricey,but it is one of my favorite hats at Saks.Its super classic,super classy....hell super GUCCI!!Now I personally dont do hats because I dont like messing up my hair but once again living in Ohio,you have to do what you have to do when it gets to negative 16!
Gucci;Saks $240

6-Gwen Stefani has to be one of my favorite contempory purse designers....So naturally I had to add her to my list.This page is fun,flirty,and aFfordable(okay so I ran out of Fs)
L.A.M.B.;Bloomingdales $350

5-The Blueprint 3....So it wasnt one of Jay-Z's best efforts,but between the production and the features,you cant go wrong!Much love to Cleveland's own Kid Cuddi for his feature on 'Already home'
Jay-Z;Nordstrom Rack $9.97

5-Carrol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil...I don't know about you all but my hair gets super dry during the winter,and the fact that my hair is colored(and relaxed....I know I know)does not help it,but I just rescently got hip to the TUI hair oil and leave in conditioner...OH EM GEE! can we say LOVE IT?
Carol's Daughter;Sephora $8

4-Got a case of dry winter skin?Ouchies!!Victoria Secret's Sweet surrender made with jojoba butter is AMAZING!Its not sticky sweet smelling either!
Victoria Secret; $9.50

3-Cozy sweaters;Argyle is a simple stylish look that everyone can pull off!Dress it up or down...Its a great layering piece and perfect way to play with color and break out the drab and dullness that winter tends to bring!
Old Navy; $36.50

2-Juicy Sweats!I LOVE THEM!I bought my first set from a Nordstrom Rack in Ohio(Shout outs to store 241).But they are so comfortable,and perfect to just throw on and run out the house.....Or wear around the house!They are a little pricey but trust me if you find the plus size pieces marked down or at a Nordy Rack,jump on them!
Juicy Couture; $128.00-148.00

1-My blackberry has become my favorite must have by far,I cant believe I lived for 23 years without this thing!And yes mine is pink!(I couldnt help it)


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