PLEASE do better....

1-Serena....Honey I know you were mad...Please remember you are at work...You work with white folks...please act accordingly.

Do I think she was out of line for cursing an official out?Yes,it sets a horrible example for young people of color.But I also don't think its her job to be a role model,she didn't sign up for that,she is a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE and for that reason I don't think she should be fined.She has money,and that's what money is for,to pay tickets,fines,and bills.That isn't how you teach someone with money a lesson.

2-Kanye...Why did you pick on Taylor Swift?Because you know if you had of pulled that shit with Pink or GaGa they would have kicked your ass on national TV?

I really hope Kanye gets the help he needs,all jokes aside.He is a tortured soul.The industry can corrupt you,and with out 'the only girl who knows you best',its cold.We have seen what the industry can do to people(i.e. Michael).

3-Lil Mama,who the hell invited you to the VMAs?You still haven't redeemed yourself for the comment to Vogue Evolution...

And lastly on a more serious note.....

4-Caster Semenya....Baby girl,do what you do best,RUN!
Its a shame what the media has done to this young woman.What does her sex organs have to do with how fast she can run? For my readers who aren't familiar with this story,this young woman is a runner in S.Africa.She recently won a large meet,and of course the media(and their agenda to tear ANY and EVERYONE down)have causes speculation about her gender.Well she was unknowingly subjected to gender test,and they found a high amount of testorone,but still under the limit to qualify her as female.She was born without a womb,and would be considered a hermaphrodite,but legally is female,because that is what she was born as.
So your still wondering what the hell this all has to do with her running....
This young woman is now on suicide watch,because what they have done to her.The national suicide rate is 3per 100,000 people....31%of that group is someone with a gender 'issue'.

I hope she can overcome this and get back to do what she loves.


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