It was 8years ago yesterday I was sitting in my 3rd period history class,when my teacher came in the room freaked out because someone had run a plane into one of the most important buildings on the east coast.As students we didn't know exactly what happened.....Until we saw the footage on tv....It looked like something out of a action movie,all I could think was 'this is a joke.....this couldn't be happening'....I thought carefully of relatives living in NYC,people on planes....'This isn't supposed to happen here....This is America...We watch this stuff happen to other countries'.

Panic continued through the hallways of my high school as we learned that the planes that did such destruction had flown over Cleveland,but couldn't land here....

I remember watching footage of people jumping out of bulidings,and listening to the stories of the men on a flight who knew they werent going to give up their lives without a fight 'Lets Roll'.

That could have us....

As a frequent visitor to NYC,I understand 9-11,and see how it has changed NYC.It is a story I will tell my children,and my grandchildren,just as my grandmother told me the stories of Pearl Harbor,Recession and World War 2.



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