Got Favor?

My best friend, KD works my nerves like no one else......

We had a conversation this morning, that was so real,so candid and so honest.She poured her heart and gave me some real knowledge...about love,romance, and life.

She told me...
CarolAnne(thats what she calls me),People think when you get into a relationship things are always going to be sweet,and when they arent they want to give up.If its any good for you,you have to fight.If it could possibly mean anything it will be hard,you will have to push, if its any good for you in the end,you have to push,and to not give up will be hard.So if its easy to give up,you have to question yourself; did you you really want it,need it,did you really love it?You cant give up if its worth it you.Alotta days it wont be sweet,it wont always be a fairytale,but you have to get passed it,if you have to pray,cry,talk to god,etc.If thats all you have to do,then you got off easy and are better for it.

Ive known KD,for about 3years....And this is one of our most real conversations to date.She poured her soul to me(and was nice enough to let me blog about it),and told me somethings I had been feeling,and needed to hear.....Sometimes we dont fully understand why people do or say things they do.....But if all you have ever known was to fight for what you need,or love,then you just do that.....

Sometimes I think we forget that,and when things dont go our way we are so ready to just let go of the situation because it seems easier,but what do we do when we get to the next battle?You cant always throw up the white flag,because then you would never have anything,never go anywhere or do anything....Sounds simple?Sound like common knowledge?Sometimes it takes one person to tell you....It did it for me....As hard as I love,and as hard as I work,some days I just want to give up,and forget I even tried.....But I cant,I have to fight....

And so do you.

we are praying for you


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