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Fashion cues for the Attractive and Mature....

For some reason everyone wants to claim to be 'grown and sexy'.....And for some reason cant dress the part...
So Ive created my own phrase "this isnt for the grown and sexy,this is for the mature and attractive"....On the strength that those of us who actually are 'grown and sex' do not have to remind those around us EVERY 5MINS or attend events named after this fad saying.....Attractive and mature have the form of dress that states it.
So take these few helpful hints....

1-Ladies;your jewelry needs to be simple and functional.A few simple pieces (not made of PLASTIC or from the hair store) say alot....Perfect examples are....
  1. a cocktail ring
  2. a silver 'return to Tiffany&co' bracelet or just something lite to put around your wrist
  3. a pearl necklace;classic AND sexy.
  4. a plain gold hoops <==NO,i repeat NO doorknockers
  5. a pearl earrings

2-Step your shoe game up,purchase a good CLASS pair of shoes

What is a good pair of shoes you ask?A good pair of shoes is made of leather(easy to clean),or suede(timeless fashion),comfortable,and stylish.

  1. Cole Haan-He makes amazing(and comfy) shoes.His pumps are made with the same sole of a Nike sneaker....Yes ladies you could run down the street them them(i don't suggest it though)...And yes he makes GREAT mens shoes as well
  2. For my guys Allen Edmond makes the 'mature and attractive' shoe to DIE for.If you looking for a loafer,oxford or a great slip on for jeans he makes them all.

3-Get a signature fragrance.....A smell that when he smells it,he ONLY thinks of YOU.Body splashes are great for running out the house,or even around the house.But have a fragrances,maybe 4 once for each season.

  1. Viva la juicy-cute and fun but doesn't stay on,make sure u have a small roll on in your purse to touch up
  2. Pink sugar-cute....just that.
  3. Escada makes some AMAZING summer fragrances(moonlite sparkle and sunset heat are some of my favs)
  4. L.A.M.B. is great for the fall...lite and not too warm

4-A woman over 21 should ALWAYS have a business suit.Why you ask?At 21+ you are preparing for the rest of your life and possibly interview for 'that' career(notice I did NOT use the word 'job')

5-When becoming 'attractive and mature' there are several things you should be boxing up to give to little sisters and cousins

  1. any and all plastic hair store jewelry.....Need i say any more?
  2. any t shirts with glitter words of 'baby girl' 'princess' 'daddy's girl',etc
  3. all jeans with words written across the ass....You look an ass being 25 with 'bootylicious' being written across you hine.
  4. anything advertising your 21+ you shouldn't have to advertise yourself.

6-For my fellas,at this point of your life you should kno the importance of a tie.You should know at least 2ways to tie one....And most important the correct length of your tie.You should NEVER be 6+ft all and wearing a regular tie....You look an ass.

7-Also fellas, cuff links they say alot about a man and are also a chance to have fun and express yourself.They could match you shirt/tie combo,revel you profession,or rep your favorite sports team.

8-Hankys are one of my favorite mens furnishing items that you don't see often.A hanky in a suit pocket!Can we say owww!!!!!!!

9-Get a tailor,as a matter of fact,get a GREAT tailor.This tip isn't just for the guys ladies too,take pride in your appearance,if the dress is too long GET IT HEMMED!

10-Dont be afraid to ask for help.Be it a personal shopper,style consultant,or even a commissioned sales person,they can all be a great resource.

11-Think out the box!some of my favorite celebs are notorious for doing just that.Fonzsworth Bentley has amazing taste,and an eye for color.Pink/Green tie and sweater vest combos! owww!!!

I hope all my fellow 'attractive and mature' people out there will use these tips to press on further romantically and career wise,as I will be posting more when the time comes.....

*this blog was inspired by my good friend/style ambassador Chipmunk(aka Kappa Aga)*


  1. i want some l.a.m.b-think i can find a cheap bottle on ebay. that ish was 75 dollars at sephora!

  2. try a marshals or tj maxx to get it,they are normally like $25 a bottle


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