Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cookii's guide to travel the fabu a recession!

I LOVE to travel.

NYC,Philly,NJ,Chicago....I look for ANY excuse to push it!

So in my early 20s I become the seasoned single traveler.

My high maintance ways havent exactly found their way into my traveling lifestyle(hell I have to cut cost some where!)...

So here are a few tips to still live it up in almost ANY city,and still be fabu ;)

1-Dont hesitate flying out of a alternate airport,flying out og a major city could mean $100-250 in your pocket.

2-When shopping(groceries,clothes,GAS) use a credit card(or bank card)that gives you flight miles,sure there is a $15-50yearly fee,but that could make your $477 ticket easily $105

3-Check your bags in online.....Yea its only $5 that your saving but that is clearly $5 more for a nice relaxing cocktail!

4-Traveling with one bag isnt always a bad thing either....Yea it cuts back on your shoes and handbags but you can buy more with the money your saving!

5-Greyhound is not always enemy....Bus trips are cute in moderation!!!! Ms.Cookii does NOT advise anything over 6-8hours!It saves a ton of money....and a great way to get to know this great country of ours(I know that was LAME and No,Greyhound did not pay me for it) is also a great resource,naming your own price for a hotel could be the difference of a 2 star hotel at $70 a night or a 4start hotel at $75 a night.

7-Also a smile goes a long way,kill the angry desk clerk with kindness....this can be the key to a upgrade room,free stay,or just great customer service.

8-Remember the names of those who provide excellent customer service,a friendly handwritten note on fabu cards and stationary says alot.....

9-Don't wear sweatpants on a flight,as young people of color we are under enough scrutiny,so try the 3Cs on your next flight; Cute,Casual,and Contemporary .....Flying coach is NOT an excuse....

10-Look into what free events are going on in your city of leasiure, art festivals,gay pride( no hetero!),film fesitvals,flea markets are great cost cutters and prime time for photo opps

11-Look up club promoters to your vacation destination,this is prime for networking,and possible freebies(VIP,bottle service,etc),promoters/owners always love to know that someone from out of town will be patronizing their function,and normally want to show love....

And with that being said...
Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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