Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cookii's favorite lines in hip hop

In no particular order ...

'I love you like a fat kid love cake'-50 Cent

'My president is black,and my lambo blue'-Young Jeezy (<--I dont know what one had to do with the other,lmao)

"Oh you graduated,no i decied I was finished"-Kanye West

"Black,and ugly as ever however..."-B.I.G.

"Im addicted to fresh,6pairs of kicks are my defintion of 12 steps"-Jay Z

"I got 99 probblems and a bitch aint one"-Jay Z

"...and Ill be Nina Simmone and deficating on your microphone"-Lauryn Hill (she mad yall get a dictionary on that line)

"All I need in this life sin,is me and my girlfriend'-Tupac( do your home work,Jay stole Pac's line and beat)

"...So i let her lick the wrapper"-Lil Wayne

"I aint sayin Im requestin anyone thats perfect,but i just need a woman thats worth it'-Drake

"..And I dont think your beautiful,I think your beyond it'-Lil Wayne

'She dont call purses,b*tch call em bags"-Rick Ross

"I aint a playa.....I just crush alot'-Big Pun

"Red monkey,bathing apes,someone call the damn zoo'-Chip the Ripper

"I introduced her to real,now she hate lames"-Plies

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