Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clues you might be in a recession...

1-Someone stole your credit card, and their first stop was the grocery store...

2-You took the shoebox of rolled up pennies and quarters from under your bed to fill up your gas tank..

3-You went to jail,so you could eat for the next 30days

4-You use a flashlight instead of the house lights to keep the light bill down

5-You charge your 4year old gas money to take him to daycare

6-You make a recession dinner on monday,(recession dinner-all the leftovers from last week before in one pot/pan to save on water/dish liquid/time)

7-Your dog no longer eats dog food,he eats 'recession dinner LEFTOVERS'

8-Your dog no longer goes to the groomer instead gets washed with motions shampoo at home.

9-You wash and flat iron your weave and try to sew it back in....

10-You take extra mayo,mustard,bbq sauce the fast food spot and put it in the fridge at home.

11-You try to make hamburger helper without the hamburger!

12-Instead of buying a christmas tree you went outside and decorated the tree outside

13-You go to mcdonalds and have them add thousand island dressing to your double cheeseburger to make it taste like a big mac

14-You feed your kids a dollar nuggets cut up over a side salad.

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