Back to school guide pt 2; Throw it in the bag;Purses,Bookbags,Totes,etc

Im all about bags! Totebags,Handbags,backpacks,evening clutches....I love them all so what better way to start the year off right then with a new bag?Ladies,your bag can make or break you.It says alot about what kind of woman you are....

Example;You see a woman carrying a gucci handbag....and the other is carrying a fubu backpack.Though each woman is carrying a bag that serves its purpose....Which one would you rather shop with?Get fashion advice from?etc...

Get my point?Sounds shallow dont it?
But lets be honest...Its all true.The girl with the fubu bag could be sweet as pie.But I pit my last snack cake you wont ask that girl to set foot in Saks 5th ave. with you!

Bags can also advertise what time of mate you would like to attract....No man is going to ATTEMPT to talk to a woman carrying a Birken...Chole...or hell even a really Louie,unless he can afford to keep up her habits or secure enough with his manhood to deal with a real Ms.Independent.....

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