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Fashion cues for the Attractive and Mature....

For some reason everyone wants to claim to be 'grown and sexy'.....And for some reason cant dress the part... So Ive created my own phrase "this isnt for the grown and sexy,this is for the mature and attractive"....On the strength that those of us who actually are 'grown and sex' do not have to remind those around us EVERY 5 MINS or attend events named after this fad saying.....Attractive and mature have the form of dress that states it. So take these few helpful hints.... 1-Ladies;your jewelry needs to be simple and functional.A few simple pieces (not made of PLASTIC or from the hair store) say alot ....Perfect examples are.... a cocktail ring a silver 'return to Tiffany&co' bracelet or just something lite to put around your wrist a pearl necklace;classic AND sexy. a plain gold hoops <==NO,i repeat NO doorknockers a pearl earrings 2-Step your shoe game up,purchase a good CLASS pair of shoes What is a good pair of shoes you ask?A good pair of

Back to school guide pt 2; Throw it in the bag;Purses,Bookbags,Totes,etc

Im all about bags! Totebags,Handbags,backpacks,evening clutches....I love them all so what better way to start the year off right then with a new bag?Ladies,your bag can make or break you.It says alot about what kind of woman you are.... Example;You see a woman carrying a gucci handbag....and the other is carrying a fubu backpack.Though each woman is carrying a bag that serves its purpose....Which one would you rather shop with?Get fashion advice from?etc... Get my point?Sounds shallow dont it? But lets be honest...Its all true.The girl with the fubu bag could be sweet as pie.But I pit my last snack cake you wont ask that girl to set foot in Saks 5th ave. with you! Bags can also advertise what time of mate you would like to attract....No man is going to ATTEMPT to talk to a woman carrying a Birken...Chole...or hell even a really Louie,unless he can afford to keep up her habits or secure enough with his manhood to deal with a real Ms.Independent..... Check out for the ba

all day I dream about...

All day I dream about Dunks... Make sure you use my affliate link to shop with my friends at KARMALOOP.COM for all your back to school/fall needs this year..... Oh and did i mention you get 20% OFF?How great is that? Back to school guide pt 2; Throw it in the bag;Purses,Bookbags,Totes,etc COMING SOON

Clues you might be in a recession...

1-Someone stole your credit card, and their first stop was the grocery store... 2-You took the shoebox of rolled up pennies and quarters from under your bed to fill up your gas tank.. 3-You went to jail,so you could eat for the next 30days 4-You use a flashlight instead of the house lights to keep the light bill down 5-You charge your 4year old gas money to take him to daycare 6-You make a recession dinner on monday,(recession dinner-all the leftovers from last week before in one pot/pan to save on water/dish liquid/time) 7-Your dog no longer eats dog food,he eats 'recession dinner LEFTOVERS' 8-Your dog no longer goes to the groomer instead gets washed with motions shampoo at home. 9-You wash and flat iron your weave and try to sew it back in.... 10-You take extra mayo,mustard,bbq sauce the fast food spot and put it in the fridge at home. 11-You try to make hamburger helper without the hamburger! 12-Instead of buying a christmas tree you went outside and decorated th

Much love to my new affliate

Make sure you use my affliate link to shop with my friends at KARMALOOP.COM for all your back to school/fall needs this year..... Oh and did i mention you get 20% OFF? How great is that? Back to school guide pt 2; Throw it in the bag;Purses,Bookbags,Totes,etc COMING SOON *Also make sure you support the * TEAM VA TWEETERS In the VA walk for the cure coming up in oct To send donations or join ;

Ohio Hip Hop Awards...

Ohio is a very interesting place, with a star basketball player,a city that is the 3rd poorest in the nation,the home of John Legend,Dave Chappelle,Bone thugs,Halle Berry,etc it shouldnt be hard to believe that we have our own hip hop awards... Yes hip hop awards... It has been going for a little less than 5years but it does draw local and national attention. I am also honored to say I know past nominees(#shoutout to Justice,Ciandra,Lady T,etc)... Every year it gets bigger and showcases this states talent,which often doesnt get much attention due to our geogrpahic location....Hard being between east coast and southern rap. The midwest hip hop sound is a hard one to diagnois when you have Bow Wow,Nelly,Twista,Kanye all repping the same area. Now on to business.... I wouldnt be me if I didnt have my own picks... Promoter of the year- SCHOOL HOUSE PRODUCTIONS Best album- DJ $CRILLA<== Much Heights LOVE! Best mixtape artist-Chip the ripper ..."

Cookii's guide to back to school 2009 pt1;Tees

I love GRAPHIC TEES,what better way to dress down(which I dont often)and make a statement than a fun,and colorful graphic tee?They are perfect to pair with jeans,mini skirts,and cute dunks! So the lovely people at Torrid,Karmaloop,and Forever21 are going to get you straight As in fashion with graphic Ts(so lame I know,but I write this stuff at work) ... Check out these AMAZING AFFORDABLE tees! $28 $15.80 $25 $10.90

Cookii's guide to travel the fabu a recession!

I LOVE to travel. NYC,Philly,NJ,Chicago....I look for ANY excuse to push it! So in my early 20s I become the seasoned single traveler. My high maintance ways havent exactly found their way into my traveling lifestyle(hell I have to cut cost some where!)... So here are a few tips to still live it up in almost ANY city,and still be fabu ;) 1-Dont hesitate flying out of a alternate airport,flying out og a major city could mean $100-250 in your pocket. 2-When shopping(groceries,clothes,GAS) use a credit card(or bank card)that gives you flight miles,sure there is a $15-50yearly fee,but that could make your $477 ticket easily $105 3-Check your bags in online.....Yea its only $5 that your saving but that is clearly $5 more for a nice relaxing cocktail! 4-Traveling with one bag isnt always a bad thing either....Yea it cuts back on your shoes and handbags but you can buy more with the money your saving! 5-Greyhound is not always enemy....Bus trips are cute in moderation!

Cookii's favorite lines in hip hop

In no particular order ... 'I love you like a fat kid love cake'-50 Cent 'My president is black,and my lambo blue'-Young Jeezy (<--I dont know what one had to do with the other,lmao) "Oh you graduated,no i decied I was finished"-Kanye West "Black,and ugly as ever however..."-B.I.G. "Im addicted to fresh,6pairs of kicks are my defintion of 12 steps"-Jay Z "I got 99 probblems and a bitch aint one"-Jay Z "...and Ill be Nina Simmone and deficating on your microphone"-Lauryn Hill (she mad yall get a dictionary on that line) "All I need in this life sin,is me and my girlfriend'-Tupac( do your home work,Jay stole Pac's line and beat) "...So i let her lick the wrapper"-Lil Wayne "I aint sayin Im requestin anyone thats perfect,but i just need a woman thats worth it'-Drake "..And I dont think your beautiful,I think your beyond it'-Lil Wayne 'She dont call purses,