Friday, July 3, 2009

Something that has always had me interested....

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Now that is out of the way...

Well good people its summer time,
The best time of year,ladies are showing hard earned bodies,cook outs,the guys are showing off their finaced rims,etc etc...
One thing that baffles me as a black person every summer,why the french do white people tan?

Why do you purposely sit in the sun until your darker than me?

Its not even just a summer thing though.....

It could be Feburary in OHIO, and you have the NERVE to walk around looking like a ompa lumpa?

Then of course there are my FAVORITES,the ole been around the block broads who have been tanning since they were 16,probably about 55 now ,think the tanning bed is the greatest invention next to the stop lite,and look like a cookie in the face chics.
Gotta love em.
It amuses me to see em.
But you cant possibly tell me that you think you look good when your face reminds me of one of those chips ahoy cookies ("dont you want me baby...")and your hair looks like hay because you have bleach it so much.
Looking like Malibu Barbies after someone put her on the grill.

I guess it isnt for me to understand as a woman of color,in a culuture where lite skin is paired with some type of privilage and dark skin simply isnt.

So Im COMPLETELY and UTTLERLY amazed to see white women mirror me......

After all that sun in the summer,and fake baking in the winter,its has to be unhealthy rite?
Like you could possibly take years and years of it and your face not fall off?

Call me ignorant but these are REAL questions,why you ask?
Because Im black and I dont tan....Hell I come from a race of people that dont like to sit in the sun(I believe my ancestors may have done enough of it for me)

I guess its one of those things Ill NEVER get?

So such as life...
Have a GREAT holiday!

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