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No hetero?

I was sitting with one of my good friends this evening and the topic of heterosexual black men was the topic.....

We talked about how at one point is was pretty easy to spot a hetero man vs. a homo man....

But with todays fashion the same men that flocked to the stores for baggy rocawear jeans,long white tees,and crisp jordans have since traded that in for purple skinny jeans,Vnecks and skateboard shoes....But why?these are the same men who laughed a few years ago.....
Has gay become the new black?
I think its all pretty 'homo'...
The wonderful thing about fashion is that it doesnt define you.....But the old saying 'perception is reality' holds pretty true to me.

I cant really get with a 'grown man' wearing jeans that would give they average woman a yeast infection ridding on a damn skateboard.

It hot that Wayne,Kanye,and Pharrell have inspired young people of color to be different,but whats next now that 'different' is now mainstream?


  1. I understand what ur saying but i've been on the whole skateboarding thing since i was younger..and i understand how music artist seem to be the ones changing people and making them different as to how i took it.. But ur making it seem like every body who wear skateboard sneakers tight jeans etc are posers..and u would never date a guy with them. well to me ..if a guy was all hood before has no right because they where the ones laughing at gays and etc. Well when i firts went to highschool wearing my tight skiiny jeans everyone hated but then started following..then i seen weezy and all these other srtist wearing them..and it was wierd cause they didnt get it from me..cause i doubt they seen me..but that made other feel ooo they wear it so i could. My point though is that theirs nothing wrong with tight jeans cause that just marks history.. Pilgrims to, the 80's to the Romeo and Juliet Legging look things....I mean men actually wore jeans tighter than women throughout history where women werent even allowed to wear anything of such fabric.. (jeans) so basically now that jeans are mainstream for girls they adopted the right to call them girl jeans or whatever..but their wrong..And i've personally been upset that tight jeans , a vNeck..and etc has been a mainstream item now but the worst part is the Vans song..when that come out..Crowds went ballistic and hoped on that swagg. The Guys werent even wearing skinnys then. And now Jerk just ruined the justice and Also the whole SUPRA footwear..WOw..THeir like jordans now..And everybodies wearign themm..I'm over it.... Well i just wanted to comment and show u..that u could i wrote this in a way that not directed to some of the people who started these trends etc.and more soo forwarded the article to the people who think they can wear these trends. when they did make fun of those whom wore it first..Hypocrrrrraaacccyy ..


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