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In loving memory of Michael Jackson....

Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
After spending this past weekend in NYC,I remembered that the first time I went to NYC,Michael and Lisa Marie got married.When I was walking past the Trump towers(I believe) he was saying 'I do'......

I feel like part of my childhood is gone.

He was the man.Even the hardest of the thugs and criminals cant help but to want to moonwalk and grab their crotch when they hear the melody of a MJ tune......He was influental in the way we live our lives,dance,and music we listen to.He is a pop icon, and music matter how damn weird he is.

Ill be the first to admit a grown man who lives with a chimp,and Emmanual Lewis,climbs trees and keeps girafs as pets is weird.....But the man scarficed his sanity,health,his and childrens lives to share his gift with the world.

I personally think he is better off gone.
Sound horrible?
Well think about it like this...
When a man is living on life support,and the family pulls the plug,because he lacked a qaulity of life,it is justified.

When Michael is walkin into courthouses (the days he could walk)in blazers and pj pants,can barely talk,sleeps all day,doesnt move from his house,sounds like he lacked a quality of life?

There comes a point when the fame,fortune,and fans become TOO MUCH.
Last thursday he reached that point.
The man risked his health at any every cost to give fans a show,getting burned doing commericals,practicing physical routines that no 50year old man has NO business doing...
He reached his point.
So the world thanks him by draging his name through any and everything?
How painful is it for his kids to read in the paper that they may not belong to their daddy?
Congrats to CNN/TMZ/ made a 8year old cry.

Its horrible that he is gone...
The world lost an entertainer...
A family lost a father,brother,son,uncle...
It horrible that a mother has lost her son,and a little sister has lost her big brother,trust me,I know first hand how bad that hurts......Its even worse that 3kids dont have a father(or a mother that isnt a money grubbing piece of PWT for that matter).

To the man who inspired us to make a change,and look at the man in the mirror.


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