Wednesday, July 22, 2009

..Great eff-ups in history....

1-The infamous blue dress.....Ms.Lewinsky why the EFF didnt you wash that dress?You ever heard of 'no fingerprints no evidence' or in ur case....

2-CBreezy....Did you really think you could beat the EFF out of a Island Gal and not pay?That girl prolly put a vodo curse on you and your career....

3-Republicans-Did your first female candiate for such a high office be so simple?why the EFF did you let her speak without a script?

4-Dr Conrad Murray...How long did you think you could prescribe a man who is 6'2 and weighs 120llbs elephant tranquilizers and not think he was gonna EFFing die?

5-Steve McNair- Rest in Peace homie......But did you really think you could EFF around with some young crazy middle eastern girl,buy her a truck,pay bills,and think you could just walk away when you wanted to??

6-BET why the EFF did you give Keyshia Cole her own show only to give Frankie and Neffie one too?Those unacceptable acts of coonery should NEVER be aired for the public!

And while Im at it....
7-Keyshia Cole....Why the EFF would you let someone exploit YOUR CRACKHEAD MOTHER and UNSTABLE ASS sister?Thanks for making it even harder to be young,black and female.

Matter of fact,Im still not done...
Dear Ms.Frankie-
Why the EFF do you think its okay for you to spend your 60th birthday in a well known ATL lesbian club?

9-Cleveland Cavs.....So you thought it was EFFing okay to bring Shaq here?We have enough players who cant make free throws,.....Isnt he 106 in NBA years anyways?

10-Cambridge Police....How the EFF do you arrest a man when he is trying to get into HIS house?

11-Christopher Columbus.....Real EFFING hott how you came in and 'discovered' land that had a whole culture sitting on it....

12-Gov Sanford.....How the EFF do you cheat on your wife and cry about it on tv?MAN UP...And be happy you still have a job....for the time being.

13-State of California...All that EFFing overtime you paid for the MJ memorial?Arent yall in bankruptcy?

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