One of my favorite people to follow on twitter is Russel Simmons...

Influental is not even the word.

Can we say AMAZING?
I normally dont get into to celeb tweets,unless they are talking directly to me,but I say I must have to take heed to his words,knowing that 30years ago he was a poor kid from Hollis.

I stumbbled upon a post this morning that hit so close to home it changed my morning.
So being the fact that I am the Rev Run of my circle,i sat in my bathtub and forwarded it those in my circle and those i know who may needed a morning pick me up.

"If u wanna be rich. Start from the inside. First u must. Cleamse the heart of poverty"-R.Simmons

After sending this message to my circle I got several responses....

"how do you change something that has been embeded in your heart for so long?"-N.J

"ive been poor all my life"-F.V.

...First off,just because you been poor all your life, and your 23doesnt mean you have to be poor the rest of your life.....You have to be the change you want.

Secondly,how do you get over a break up,or an abusive relationship????....
You and poverty are just that,an abusive unhealthy relationship.
You have to know when to end it,
So what are you doing to end the cycle of poverty for the rest of your life?

Get it out your heart.

"U are rich when u know the truth. When u live in the state of yoga. ! "The state of needing norhing"."-R.Simmons

A man who needs nothing has everything ....
I will be the first to tell you I need to know this lesson personally(dont believe me,peep the prior blog),but if you dont need much,then you have what you need.

If you have the bare essentials in life;food,water,shelter,heat,clothing....then who is to say you arent already rich?
Everything else in life is just extra,
WHo is to say your food has to be steak?Your shelter has to be a 8bedroom mansion?Your clothing has be Armani?

There is NO place for poverty,
Get out your heart...
In the words of B.Scott, Bitch.Boo.BYE!


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