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So I'm a big girl,its nooo secret
I like to eat all things tasty,
As cultured as I try to be in my plait,
And as much as I enjoy a big bowl of gnocchi,a cup of gelato,or some tabbouleh and feta cheese,


Doesn't matter where I go,I crave em...

But on my last trip(before I moved back to Ohio) to sonic on 5 for $5,I got SUPER pissed.
Simply because there was an additional charge for CHEESE.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

But my question is why should I have to pay an additional .50-.70 cent for cheese?
I mean its American cheese,I can buy a pack of Kraft singles for $1.12(if its on sale)..
And who the french said i wanted American,just maybe I want Provolone,Swiss...maybe a lil Bleu crumbled inside of my mcdouble.....

Sounds simple?
Not exactly......think about how much you could really save if they didnt charge for cheese,or if you bought a burger and went home and had your own cheese...

You could possibly save atleast a couple hundred a year(if your the average chubby american)

Another thing that cooks my grits is the fact that after you charge me for my cheese....YOU DONT EVEN MELT IT.

What am I gonna do with this slice of cold AMERICAN cheese one my burger?

Do I sound mad?
Hmnm could it because I AM!

My solution to the cheese crisis....
  1. Choices;Not everyone like AMERICAN cheese,there are plenty of cost friendly choices:monteray jack,colby,swiss,etc.
  2. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES,I understand there has to be a profit but why oh why should it be more its a BURGER,what is a burger without cheese?
  3. And for the sake of us all MELT THE FLIPPIN cheese!

el fin.


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