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Things Ill never understand.....

Things ill never understand...

How a man can say to another 'no homo' while wearing skin tight skinny jeans a satin scarf ..

How you can you can listen to gucci mane pulling into the church parking lot......

When a woman with 44ddd breast walks around with NO bra wearing a sun dress.

How you could roll a blunt on top of your bible....doesnt that qualify to first class to hell?

How you can sit and watch someone on their web cam eat popcorn,I dont care HOW famous you are,popcorn is just that popcorn.

If you kno there is a 30day return policy,how do you bring back a worn shirt from the 3rd of Oct....clearly its june.

When hoodrats have blackberrys....What is your business?You cant watch the stock for food stamps and Jordans rise and fall!You need not keep track of hair appts.

Grown men wearing the Kid(Kid and play) you know..

How a woman(or a man) can screw someone with a neon green dick.Get in touch with your star player!

How someone can take pictures with a stack of $20s at the bus stop......

WHy you would put "the real"before your myspace or twitter name and your not a celeb,NO ONE WANTS TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you can accuse the next person of hating,why hate?you work at mcdonalds,live in your mama's basement,got 4kids by 8different dudes,and still havent finished your stna classes....

The phrase 'no homo',does the phrase"whoever denied it supplied it" ring a bell....No but seriously doesnt mentioning it after EVERY sentence mean that you said something well...kinda...homo?

Why do the Jehovah Witnesses wait till Im in my underware eatting chicken to bang on my door...Its like they are waiting on me.....And i mean I do have a door bell...dont bang on my door like your the police....

Why the dog feels the need to snitch by barking loud as all get out when I come to my mamas house at 4am....RAT!

WHy my grandma thought everything drove up her light bill;"I cant get that caller ID its gonna raise my lite bill"

Why my grandma STILL has that homemade wooden door....granny its 2009.....and we live in Ohio.

Why is it 2009 and people are giving their kids ghetto made up names.....LaDelRoyMonteSean,can we not kno he is black before he gets to the interview?

*Compliments of Min.Kappa AGA..."when u blast to everybody that some people have [unfollwed] u & [supposedly] u don't care.." "they just hatin"*


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