Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick plug...

I dont pay compliments freely...
I dont lets be real,
But this guy,
Darren Anthony(or as I call him,the PRODIGY) has real talent,I dont know if im partical because Ive watched him grow up from a weirdo kid in his own world known as "Cyborg" into one the hottest underground artist that the midwest has to offer since Kanye.....Or he is simply just fire.
Or could it be both?
The comparisons to Drake,Lupe,Kanye and Cuddi are real revelent,but DA is bringing something completely different to the off beat hip hop sound of his peers.......The stray from the typical Cleveland sound of Bone Thugs,Fat Al and Chip the Ripper is a welcomed change.
Stay tune for the rest.

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