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My thoughts on Chris Brown....

"Chris Brown has copped a plea he'll spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence prgrm,5 years probation 4 assault. "

Now excuse me if I sound a little harsh but...

This little yellow fuck got 5years prob,and 180days community service?
Lets face it, the probation system sucks because chances are your gonna get a P.O. with probably 80other case,and he wont be checking your girlfriend for bitemarks...and he will probably do 30-60days of the community service.

Passionate am I?
Ill get to that reason later....probably in another blog...

Do I think he needs a harsher sentence tho most domestic abusers get lighter sentences?
Because he is a celebrity,young,male and BLACK he should be held to a higher standard because he is a role model....At one point did it become acceptable to beat your queen?And we all know this isnt the first time...

"How u gone ABUSE somebody? That aint yo body, that aint even their body..Thas a temple u messin with. Recognize what u doin!"-SGT Rev Aga

If I lived in a perfect world all womenbeaters would go to a seperate jail on the tip of Alaska and wouldnt be allowed to have coats,forced to sit outside,and be beaten by women prision guards.

But we all know this world isnt perfect.
So I believe he should do 30-90days in jail,300hrs of community service in a domestic abuse center or mentoring young offenders,$10,000-20,000 fine and 2years probation...

Sounds fair.
But like i said this world isnt perfect....

So until it is,lifestyles of the rich and famous will always be different from the middleclass and boring.....


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