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God,I LOVE the black church....

I grew up in some form of church in my life...
Grannys,Uncle Rev(I didnt know his name was Nate for years),a cousin,a friend,some kinda church....

Where else would you want to be on a sunday?
The only place you could get a GOOD laugh,and a inspiration for the rest of the week.

I partically live for the women of the church...

First of is the Mother of the church,an elderly woman...Prolly about 80yrs old who sits in the back,because she doesnt have to sit in the front anymore,and secondly so she can get to the ladies room fast.

Then there is 1st lady,a beautiful graceful woman who looks like she is in the church fashion show EVERY week,she sits in the front and gives her husband tha adoring i-still-run-this look...She has about 3-6kids,all well mannered,well dressed and well behaved(welp on sunday atleast)

Oh..of course there is the choir director....Yea I know he isnt a woman,but I mean...well you get my point.He has a color that is related to food every sunday "Oh not honey,Im not wearing yellow,Im wearing mustard"We all know the truth about his alternative lifestyle and his friend that he brings with him.....You better not say anything tho....
"He aint gay,he jus a lil sweet,thats a good wholesome boy"
...You cant tell granny you saw him at the club last night,because...I mean,what were YOU doing there?

Then there is the girl drummer.....You know the one with the cornrolls,or the ponytail....The one that plays basketball,and is always kinda lookin at you when you are ushering...
Need i say more?

One of my favorites is the gossip,you know sister such n such,she hasnt learned a lesson in those four walls since she wore bow bows and barretts....She keep enough stuff going "Welp I believe Brother _____ and Sis ___ doing a little more than bible study when he take her home on thursdays....."You wouldnt be able to stand the woman if she didnt make the BEST macaroni and cheese for the church potlucks!

Next on deck is the church runner,the lady who starts running and "thankin Jebus" for getting her out of bed...The woman who is running thru the pulpit when 'Passa' is tryin to preach the sermon....The one who should have cross trainers on for the laps she takes around the church....And at the revival when the sister church comes you have to carry her out because she is REALLY cutting up for guest....You always feel bad for her kids because you know they are soooo embrassed!

You have to love the annoucement lady,
The Missionary committee,
The womens group,
& The scholarship committee,

Dedicated to my Shawn and my Kappa


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